About us

What you need to know about Elori Phone Cases

Made from hand-picked organic materials 

Made from hand-picked organic materials like roses, jasmine, coffee or hay, our phone cases have really raised the bar for premium phone case manufacturers.

Feel the texture, smell the scent

Phone cases are only supposed to protect your phone and look good? We're convinced they can offer more. Elori phone cases add a light smell and touch to that. The goal is to turn something ordinary - holding a cell phone in your hand - into an experience. The cases are coated with an advanced organic resin and provide excellent protection, at the same time you can feel the natural texture of the material. Some of our cases come with a natural fragrance, which maintains the scent for up to 6 months (especially our coffee phone case). The natural texture of the material also significantly improves the grip on the smartphone, which is why it is less likely to slip out of the hand. 

High quality

Only high quality, exclusive materials are selected and collected by hand for the cases. The natural materials for the cell phone cases are selected most carefully. Uniqueness, handmade, quality, natural look and texture are the guidelines for creating the Elori Phone Cases to combine nature and technology. Each case is unique and we share the joy of each customer expressing how much they love them.


Give premium quality and service a chance. Our cases are HANDCRAFTED in our workshop, because you want more than just a phone case.

We love nature

100% Sustainability - Every case is made from organic materials and recyclable TPU frames (SGS certified non-toxic production). SUSTAINABILITY is at the core of what we do.

We plant a tree

With every eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable organic phone case bought, we PLANT A TREE, and that is our way of giving back in appreciation to the environment. We have partnered with #teamtrees, an international organization called Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every case we sell.



With every eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable organic phone case bought, we plant a Tree, and that is our way of giving back in appreciation. It's our way of showing thanks to you, our customers, for supporting small businesses, a new sustainable economy as well as to the environment. 

With the help from our friends at #teamtrees, an international organization called Arbor Day Foundation, our donations will plant trees with rural communities in the developing world, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a more sustainable future. We're literally 'planting good seeds' all over the world, and making a difference! All thanks to you!

Participant of the Green Product Award 2018/19

The Green Product Award is an annual international competition for sustainable products and services. Every year they honor the most innovative green projects & creative minds and awarding the most innovative, sustainable design products for sustainable consumption. 🌿 Their mission is to ensure that better (green) products replace old products in order to enable more climate-friendly consumption. 🌍